Common Mistakes Made By Diabetic Patients Which Can Cost Them Their Own Foot

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

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Some people may not experience uncomfortable symptoms until their condition is a little more advanced. However, the first sign that something’s up is the visibly obvious bending of the toe upward at the middle toe joint, making the toe look like a hammer or a claw. This may be followed by pain or even corns on the top of that pointed toe joint (caused when your shoe rubs against the raised toe), and calluses on the ball of your foot (they form because the base of the toe is now jutting down abnormally and putting extra pressure on the ball of the foot).

Shoes with a high and broad toe area are recommended to prevent further irritation. Other treatments include gel toe caps and gel toe shields and toe crests. Also, using a pumice stone on calluses regularly can help. Wearing shoes with a roomy toe box at least 1/2 inch longer than the longest toe, and wearing a cushioned pad over the tip of the toe and orthotics in the shoes are also beneficial. Avoid wearing high heels. Corn and callus pads and strengthening the toe muscles with exercises will help. Surgery may be required to realign the toe.

Trimming pet’s claws may seem easy but it’s not if your cat is not trained or not introduced to having his nails cleaned and cut. To do that requires proper exposure to it and by using cat nail clippers to implement proper trimming. Start exposing your tomcat with proper grooming particularly cutting their nails at an early age. To begin, gently touch his paws as often as you can. This will make your cat get used to having his paws being held. Once your pet is ready, make sure to give him a reward every after grooming or trimming.claw toe deformity

There are several different types of arthritis, or joint inflammation, that can affect the toes. Osteoarthritis is age-related degeneration of joints due to physical wear-and-tear. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the immune system damaging the body’s own joints. Gout is a type of arthritis caused by a crystalline substance called uric acid building up inside of the joints and causing joint inflammation. Gout commonly affects the big toe, and in many cases the big toe joint may be the only joint that is affected by the disease. Claw toe deformity results from altered anatomy and/or neurologic deficit, resulting in an imbalance between the intrinsic and extrinsic musculature to the toes.

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It is always a good idea to try shoes on before you buy them. This is especially true for athletes or for individuals with foot problems. People with diabetes, lymphedema or any number of foot deformities (bunions, corns, hammertoe, claw toe , plantar fasciitis, etc.) should proceed cautiously when purchasing shoes and consult their podiatrist if any questions arise. That said, here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for shoes from catalogues or on the Internet. In the case of children, it is better to go with a 4.5 size shoe than 4 since children’s feet are still growing.

Another key indicator of hammer toe is that a lump or corn will form on top of the toe. The toe joint will be painful and walking can cause severe discomfort. Occasionally a callus may form on the sole of the injured foot. If you see any of these symptoms together or have been enduring pain for some time, seeing a podiatrist should be your next step. Hammer Toe Treatment Muscle imbalance causing the ligaments and tendons to become unnaturally tight. This results in the toe joint curling downward with the tip of the toe touching the groundclaw toe surgery recovery

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